It's always fun to see children move from parallel play, to cooperative play as they age. The King and Queen of Hearts story. Children have the opportunity to act out simple plays throughout the year. It is always fun to be surprised by who likes being "on stage". Imagination in the sand box. Taming the wild horse. Sunny days make outside even more fun! The best part of a holiday book exchange is sharing with a friend. Conquering a challenge! The hub of the school. Calendars, sign in sheets, newsletter, special cubbies for the students. This is where it all happens and stays coordinated. The Star Class paper quilt is a great example of how a Parent Cooperative operates. Everyone pitches in a little part and it turns into something beautiful, and larger than itself. The special "Goodbye" window used to have a last wave to family members and help ease any separation anxiety. Also used to gaze upon the happenings of outside, with a friend! Out of this world Sensory Table - During free play, children are able to dive in with their hands to touch, feel, explore, create, scoop, pour, stack and more! Sensory table contents change with each theme, which is exciting and allows for a whole new set of skills and imagination. A perfect example of the Learn Through Play approach in action. Fine motor, problem solving, pre-math etc. all happen through play and discovery. A space theme complete with Astronaut costumes. Celebrating Yellow Day!! Painting very carefully and checking out her results. Enjoying the loft with friends. It is a nice play to read a book, or just chat! Testing which will be heavier. As a parent, it is really fun to be involved in special class parties at this age! Even the younger siblings get to have lots of fun. Special circle games are always fun! lightbox flv galleryby v6.1