We believe that children have a natural desire to learn and will do so at their own rate if given the opportunity. Play and learning are deeply interconnected during these developmental years. Our goal is to offer young children a nurturing place which is theirs to:

Children’s literature is incorporated throughout the day. Free play, circle time and learning centers all routinely include literacy, interaction and freedom to explore.

Dramatic play can be found as children roam freely through class in astronaut suits, ball gowns, doctor’s coats and more throughout various themes. In addition, children are given the opportunity to act out roles from favorite books in simple class plays.

Pre-math exercises naturally occur in the classroom while children move through their scheduled day. Free play activities, stacking, sorting, puzzles, problem solving activities etc. are laced through the Learn Through Play approach. In addition, daily learning centers incorporate specific skill building activities to foster learning and independence.

Show and tell is a special event in Start Here! Preschool. Show and tell is tied in with Color Day Celebrations and occasionally with the unit themes. Color days highlight a specific color. For example, on Red Day, children (even adults and siblings) may wear red and bring something red for show and tell. Snack may even turn out to be the color of the day. Children get very excited for color days and are proud to show off their colors.

Field trips are an exciting part of school. A large amount of parents and siblings tend to tag along, creating excellent supervision and ratio. Children enjoy trips such as the pumpkin patch, dentist office, Redmond Caves, the Fire Station and more.

Small and large group interactions are part of every child’s day. Free play, circle time and learning centers give students small and large group settings, with adult guidance and support. This accommodates varying learning styles and prepares children for Kindergarten.

Arts and crafts are a large part of any preschool curriculum. Start Here! Preschool specifically allows children to freely create their own creative projects, and also routinely incorporates specific projects in learning centers and themed units. Covering both approaches encourages children’s creativity, in addition to teaching them how to operate within certain parameters for future class environments.

Creative movement is encouraged and led during circle time and outdoor play. Children learn to move their bodies freely and safely among peers. Movement is often combined with music or incorporated into daily routines, so kids can get their wiggles out.

Music and rhythm is incorporated into circle time and special activities. Children also learn songs to associate with transitions or routines and help them move with ease to the next portion of the day.

Special units of study are set up throughout the year for learning and exploration. Children get to walk with the dinosaurs, blast into space, camp in a teepee, ride on the Mayflower and maximize their senses. Themed units add a spark to children’s learning. As they walk through the doors to the classroom having been transformed, they are excited to discover new things and teachers are able to incorporate important learning into fun and exciting activities.

Seasonal celebrations are part of Start Here! Preschool’s age-old tradition. Parents and siblings may join in celebration for special activities such as a costume party, holiday performance, valentine exchange, and Spring Tea for parent appreciation.

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