About Us

Welcome to Start Here!

Start Here! Preschool is a unique early childhood program designed for parents who have both the time and the interest in being involved in their preschoolers' first educational experience. The school's philosophy is that children's learning should be developmentally appropriate and facilitated through play, and also that parents are an important part of a child's education.

Affordability is a key component of a parent cooperative. Learn more about how the parent coop model can help you save money on preschool.

"Learn through play" is central to our preschool philosophy. Learn more about this philosophy and why we think it's an ideal learning model for our kids.

A parent cooperative allow you to be involved in your preschooler's education. Learn more about this preschool model and the potential benefits.

Please email startherepreschool@gmail.com or write us at 348 NW 7th St, Redmond, OR if you have any questions about our school!